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When generating image

by liu duo

When generating image URLs from your server, you can use your Private Key (available in the Settings section of your dashboard) to sign the image URL. The signing adds additional query parameters to your image which ensure that the URL and the image transformation cannot be altered from the URL. The signature can even be used to set a predefined expiry time of the URL.

Since your private key is only known to you and image signatures are one-way hashes, it is not possible for a third-party to be able to generate the exact same signature for a request even if they get access to one of your URLs. If the third party tries to modify the image transformation or the image URL or use it beyond its intended expiry time, the request would return a 401 Unauthorised status code because of a signature mismatch.

By default, this setting, “Only allow signed URLs”, is kept turned off in the settings dashboard as this requires you to implement the signing logic on your servers. If this setting is enabled, then no image without a valid signature attached to it as a query parameter would be accessible. If this setting is kept off, then all image URLs would be accessible no matter when or how they were generated. If you are using unsigned images